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Spykee Toolchain v1.00

Spykee Toolchain was built using Buildroot 2009_05. Remember to setup the buildroot so that it builds using Software floating-points.

Buildroot 2009_05
Buildroot Configuration (Just drop this file (unrar first) in the root directory of buildroot and run make)

SquashFs Tools v3.2

Building your own firmware on Ubuntu 9.10 (32/64bit)

This is a list of notes and information for building your own firmware using the Spykee SDK. This information will overlap the information provided by the SDK documentation. Please note this information may not be complete and I am not responsible if this damages your Spykee.

  1. First go to and download the SDK and the documentation.
  2. Download and install the ELDK at
    There are other ELDK's available, these may not include what is required for this toolchain.
    sudo mkdir -p /mnt/loop
    sudo mount -o loop arm-2005-03-06.iso /mnt/loop
    cd /mnt/loop
    If 32 bit
    sudo ./install -d /opt/eldk arm_trg
    if 64 bit
    sudo linux32 ./install -d /opt/eldk arm_trg
    Last step
    sudo umount /mnt/loop
  3. Install packages
    sudo apt-get install build-essential libncurses-dev bison flex texinfo zlib1g-dev gettext libssl-dev autoconf subversion wget
  4. Before hitting make there are several files to edit/add:
    1. package/wavestorm/depmod
      add depmod.rar (unzip the file) to the package/wavestorm. An explanation for this is located at
    2. package/wavestorm/
      Find the string /sbin/depmod and replace it with ./depmod.See above link for explanation.
    3. package/wavestorm/firmware-scripts/
      Replace lines 46 and 47 with pass. Or just copy line 41.
    4. target/makedevs/
      pull out the "-Werror" on line 16.
    5. toolchain/gcc/3.4.6/collect2_open.patch
      Download File:Collect2 open.txt and put it in the toolchain/gcc/3.4.6/ as collect2_open.patch
    6. toolchain/
      Replace lines 11 and 12 with :
      if [ -z ${patchpattern} ]; then
  5. Now you can build your Spykee firmware
    make defconfig or make menuconfig if you wish to add options. I had to use menuconfig to remove iperf(?) as it wouldn't build an arm version correctly.
  6. To make the rootfs checksum work you will need to make it the right size see [Firmware] on how to do this.
  7. Make the firmware
    /package/wavestorm/firmware-scripts/ .
  8. You should now have a file called spykee_fw_1.0.27.bin which you should be able to upload via the Spykee client software.
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