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Spykee advertised open-source, but is not!

Wavestorm created the circuit board that lives inside Spykee (cnx-111) it is unknown if Wavestorm actually build the softwares on robot or if it was a third-party. Linux is under GPL License, so we should be able to download the open-source of the linux kernel that is built for spykee, but it wasn't distributed openly.

News Flash
Spykee is now open-source, however, the toolchain needed some tweaking to work with modern versions of ubuntu. Some drivers are also proprietary.

Battery becomes really hot when charging!

In my case, the battery becomes very hot during charge, and it doesn't seem to stop when the battery is fully charged! I believe this could be a bug with the analog controller or with the robot OEM software on spykee.. Maybe it doesn't stop the charge, or maybe it doesn't even monitor the charge of the battery.. The new Phobos Daemon will fix this issue..

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